Announcing 2018 Highway Safety Poster Contest Winners

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Each year, Caltrans holds its annual Highway Safety poster contest. The contest is open to children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews of Caltrans employees, and it gives the children an opportunity to express their messages about the importance of driving safely in or near highway work zones. It also allows them to be part of Caltrans’ educational outreach and life-saving message.

The contest was open to children 17 years old or younger, and judges selected posters based on creativity, how well the poster conveyed the highway safety theme, and the use of color.

The winning posters appeared in the Annual Workers Memorial program and were on display at the ceremony.  Although the posters differ greatly in appearance, they all convey one of these important messages, "Be Work Zone Alert" or "Move Over."

Below are the Winning Posters and a Brief Introduction to the Creators

Winner 14 – 17 year olds

Kayla Ung is a 16-year-old junior at Franklin High School.  Kayla’s dad, Edmund Ung, is a Senior Electronics Engineer in Materials Engineering and Testing Services at the Headquarters Transportation Lab.  She loves cats and watercolor paintings, and in her spare time enjoys drawing, crafting, and baking (especially cookies and brownies… yum!).  Kayla says “drivers need to be aware of their surroundings at night on the road, especially in construction zones.  Construction occurs at night as well as during the day.”

Poster creator winner 14 to 17 years old

Kayla Ung
Poster creator winner 14 to 17 years old

Winner 11 – 13 year olds

Elaheh Khazi, is the 12-year-old daughter of Parwiz Khazi, a Transportation Electrical Engineer in District 4.  She is a seventh grade honor student at Hopkins Junior High School and loves reading, painting, writing stories, drawing, playing piano, cooking, and playing sports. Elaheh’s message to the traveling public is save a text for another time, to save a life every time. This is an important message for her because she wants to prevent unnecessary accidents due to one’s negligence. Furthermore, she hopes that as a community we could be safe rather than sorry.

Poster creator winner 11 to 13 Years Old

Elaheh Khazi
Poster creator winner 11 to 13 Years Old

Winner 7 – 10 year olds

Uma Amuth is a bright 8-year-old third grader at Leal Elementary who likes to watch TV and listen to music.  Her dad, Kausi Amuth, is a Senior Transportation Engineer in District 12. Uma wants drivers to “Move Over” and “Be Alert” to keep her family and friends safe.

Poster creator winners 7 to 10 Years Old

Uma Amuth
Poster creator winners 7 to 10 Years Old

Winner 6 years old and younger

Tarhib Auyonko Rahid is a 6-year-old in Kindergarten at Hidden Hills Elementary and the son of District 4 Transportation Engineers, Tanzeeba Kishwar and Ahmed Rahid.  In his free time, Tarhib loves listening to music, eating out in restaurants, painting, playing with friends, and traveling to different parts of the world with his family. Tarhib hopes his poster will caution drivers to be aware of the workers who build our highways and to “slow down so that they can work safely.

Winner 6 Years Old and Younger

Tarhib Auyonko Rahid
Poster creator winner 6 years old and younger

Below are the Honorable Mention Winners

14-17 years old

Taylor Broughton – 14
Stepfather, Chad Bush
Caltrans Equipment Operator II

District 3

Honorable Mention winners 14-17 Years Old Honorable Mention winners 14-17 Years Old

11-13 years old

Xavier Hernandez – 11
Father, Larry Hernandez
Senior Transportation Engineer

District 10

Honorable Mention winners 11-13 Years Old Honorable Mention winners 11-13 Years Old

7-10 years old

Vinesh Reddy Ealla - 7
Mother, Sudha Repaka
Transportation Engineer

District 3

Honorable Mention winners 7-10 Years Old Honorable Mention winners 7-10 Years Old

6 years old and younger

Camille Jaymes Arns - 4
Father, Christopher Arns
Associate Government Program Analyst

Headquarters Sustainability

Honorable Mention winners 6 years old and younger Honorable Mention winners